Not all tows are as easy as hook up and go.

Some vehicle recoveries come with formidable obstacles. Vehicles submerged under 2 feet of ice, or even sitting on the bottom of the lake under 90-feet of water. Vehicles resting at the bottom of a steep embankment. Vehicles stuck in the middle of a bluff of trees. You’d be amazed where we recover some vehicles from. We have trained, and Wreckmaster certified staff. They are capable of safely conducting these special recoveries. Call TRK Transport & Recovery for all your specialty recovery needs. Call TRK Transport & Recovery 24/7/365.

Ice Recoveries

Every year vehicles and structures fall through ice on Saskatchewan rivers and lakes. Ice fishing shacks, trailers, cars, trucks, and snowmobiles. Every year TRK is called to do ice recoveries for these unfortunate incidents. From all across the province. We specialize in these types of recoveries. Our training and experience are second to none in the province. Safety is of utmost concern in these recoveries. We get your vehicle out without putting ours in to keep it company. Special shoutout to Fireside Scuba & Recovery. We work with them on many of these recoveries. 

Open Water Recoveries

Unless you drive an Amphicar from the 1960s, you can’t drive across water. Sadly, that doesn’t stop some people from trying. Every year we recover land vehicles from bodies of water across Saskatchewan. Lakes, rivers, dugouts, and sloughs are all potential locations for open water recoveries. We generally don’t ask why the vehicles ended up in the drink. We just go about our job of safely bringing them back to dry land. Some are victims of falls through the ice with delayed recoveries. Some are freshly dunked. We can recover them all.

Steep Incline Recoveries

Guard rails and high-tension cable barriers are wonderful safety tools. They prevent the need for steep incline recoveries for many a driver. Occasionally vehicles do end up at the bottom of a steep embankment. Passenger safety is always our top priority. We work with first responders to make sure that passengers are safely extracted. Our expertise goes to work next. We determine the safest and best way to recover the vehicle. It requires experience, some physics, and the right equipment. TRK Transport & Recovery to the rescue.

Nasty Wind Recoveries

Some people believe that another way to spell Saskatchewan is windy. They are wrong about the spelling but right about the province. Saskatchewan can be windy and that can wreak havoc. It can topple trains, trailers, vehicles, buildings, and grain bins. TRK Transport & Recovery can often un-topple that havoc. Is your travel trailer or 5th wheel is lying on its side? Give us a call. We use our knowledge of physics, experience, and equipment to right the situation. We will have it back on its wheels in no time. Done very gently too.